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Alzheimer's Care RamseyA diagnosis of Alzheimer’s is a terrifying prospect for both the patient suffering with the condition as well as loved ones. While the immediate thoughts may turn to the devastating symptoms, soon it is necessary to start considering the options that are available for Alzheimer’s care Ramsey.

It is however the symptoms of the disease that make caring for an Alzheimer’s patient so difficult and often leads loved ones to believe that their only long-term option is placement in a facility. Some of the symptoms that make this type of care such a challenge include:

– Cognitive decline resulting in difficulty completing simple daily tasks, problem solving and making decisions.
– Both short and long-term memory loss.
– Aggression and agitation.
– Unable to recognize places.
– Difficulty determining date and time.
– Inability to find the right words.

These symptoms are progressive which means that they get worse as time goes by and can result in the need for daily physical care. Alzheimer’s patients are also often described as having good days and bad days. On a good day, the person may seem almost the sane as before the disease. However, it is the bad days that most commonly leads loved ones to choosing a facility to help them manage the day-to-day care.

TLC Companions offers an alternative solution to facility care. They provide a qualified home care assistant that is fully trained to address the daily needs of the patient as well as understanding the symptoms of the disease and how to best manage them. As the disease generally affects the elderly, TLC know that additional care for Alzheimer’s patients is necessary.

In fact, many experts believe that providing care for Alzheimer’s patients at home can be of far greater benefit to the patient than having them placed in a facility. The familiar surroundings and contact with their loved ones on a regular basis can help reduce some of the symptoms and may even slow the cognitive decline.

The carers at TLC Home Care understand how important this can be for a patient and offer a wide range of services including taking care of:

– Personal hygiene and appearance such as bathing, dressing, grooming, etc.
– Ensuring a nutritious diet.
– Timely administration of medication in the correct dosages.
– Ensuring that all medical and treatment appointments are kept.
– Providing companionship for the patient and a shoulder to lean on for loved ones.

Home care solutions from TLC provide another benefit – the option to choose the level of care that meets the requirements of both the patient and the loved ones. Because Alzheimer’s is degenerative, this is an important aspect of caring. In the early stages, a patient may only require care for a few hours a day whereas 24 hour care may become necessary at the later stages. Loved ones can also choose for care to be provided when they are at work and then assume the caring duties themselves when they are at home.

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