Get a Friendly Alzheimer’s Care Tenafly Companion for Every Day Help

Alzheimer's Care TenaflyIt is your duty to look after your loved ones at home suffering from Alzheimer’s. But there are times when you have to go away for work or during vacations. It may not be possible to take care of them during such times. That’s when you can hire an Alzheimer’s Care Tenafly professional. Alzheimer patients practically need 24 x 7 care, especially if they are in an advanced stage. So, you should make proper arrangements for them before heading out.

Homely companion

Alzheimer patients need someone they can talk to. They tend to forget what they did or what they said a few minutes back. That is why constant supervision is critical at every stage. TLC Companions Home Healthcare is one place that you can rely on for homely companionship. They send caretakers who almost become like family members within a few hours. These people understand the trouble that these patients have to go through every single day. That is why they get formal training on how to handle Alzheimer patients efficiently.

Both dementia and Alzheimer’s are progressive conditions. You may notice that your father is fine today, but the next day he forgets to put on his pants while dressing for an event. That’s the kind of problem you may have to deal with when you have an Alzheimer patient at home. TLC Companions Home Healthcare understands these conditions well. They are aware of what a patient might do. The best part is they don’t consider your loved one as another patient. They treat them as their family members.

Variety of care

Looking after an Alzheimer patient is not easy. Moreover, you can’t just hire a person to make sure they remind your loved one about the things they forgot. TLC Companions Home Healthcare provides comprehensive services that include taking care of the patient from the moment they step into the house. Here are a few things that you can expect from the caregiver:

• Monitor behavioral changes.

• Mental stimulation through specialized activities and conversations.

• Personal assistance whenever required, such as bathing, grooming, dressing, and toileting.

• Preparing meals.

• Help your loved one walk if they can’t walk alone.

• Wandering off prevention.

• Reminding the patient about their medication.

• Transferring them from the bed to the chair or wheelchair and vice versa.

• Taking them to the doctor if there is a medical appointment.

• Light housekeeping.

• Taking them to family gatherings and social events.

• Modifying the level of care depending on the condition of the patient.

TLC Companions Home Healthcare offers medical, social, and medical help to Alzheimer’s. They send friendly Alzheimer’s Care Tenafly companions who can mingle with them by talking. It is essential to gain the trust of the patient quickly, and the caregivers at TLC Companions are experts at that job. You can be assured that even if you leave your loved one at home for a long trip, another family member from TLC Companions Home Healthcare will take care of them until you come back.

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