Dementia Care MahwahHas your loved one been recently diagnosed with dementia and need Dementia Care Mahwah? At TLC Companions we offer the most comprehensive care New Jersey has to offer. We will provide assistance in every daily activity of your life. We will assist you in maintaining your independence at home for as long as possible. Our promise is that you will be provided the in-home assistance needed to continue living independently!

Over the last two decades, New Jersey has become one of the most expensive places to live. Assisted living community rent may not be fully paid for even with pensions, retirement funds, and possible Veterans Association benefits. Choosing to continue living at home may be a more feasible option. You won’t be able to guarantee that your finances will cover your residency long term. Home healthcare, in our opinion, is a more cost-effective option. Due to many reasons, many senior citizens are unable to maintain residence at assisted living communities. There is limited health insurance coverage and moving to a smaller space, overall. These issues limit one’s residency options as well. When you choose TLC, you’ll never have to leave the home you love! We provide several levels of care while you continue living at home!

Our Dementia Care Mahwah agency has several years of experience in healthcare and in memory care. We prioritize safety and trust because you are allowing someone new into your home. Abrupt changes to one’s life while diagnosed with memory loss, can be detrimental to their mental health. This could include bringing a healthcare staff member in to assist your loved one. Dementia affects one’s short term memories so bringing in one of our staff members can be frightening. This is why we only screen and hire staff that specialize in helping your loved one keep their memories strong so they develop a trust with us. We promise to only hire professional, honest, and compassionate caregivers on our team. We will only place the most trustworthy and caring staff members in your loved ones’ home.

Our Dementia Care Mahwah agency will provide a complimentary initial in-home assessment for your loved one. This ensures that they will receive quality care without breaking the bank or changing their lifestyle! Activities of daily living challenges will naturally occur due to physical health changes as we age. Our staff can assist you whether your mobility changes or you need help with cooking, and cleaning. Giving the most expert care and support through every stage of life is our goal.

Our Dementia Care Mahwah staff can assist your loved ones with whatever schedule is needed. We offer hourly, live-in, or facility-based care options with 24/7 on-call availability. Our management team can easily guide you through the whole application and admission process. Their companion selection is based on personality matching and they will have each potential match make a home visit. TLC Companions believe in accountability, service, and integrity by providing extensive training and screening programs. Our staff receives in-service training for environmental safety, medical emergencies, and memory impairment care. They are routinely observed and tested during employment, which ensures continuity of care and service improvement.

For the most comprehensive care, choose TLC Companions, where we are the best Dementia Care Mahwah agency! There are multiple office locations across New Jersey, New York and Florida, but our headquarters are located in Bethpage, New York. Our New Jersey address is: 89 Chestnut Street, Ridgewood, NJ 07450. We have an on-call service 24 hours per day and take phone calls 7 days per week. If you have questions about how to get started with a home healthcare staff member, please call our main office at (201) 444-5800 or email us at For all other information, visit our website at

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