Dementia Care TeaneckWhen searching for the best in in-home Dementia Care Teaneck please do consider TLC Companions Home Healthcare. We are a provider of services for those with needs concerning a diagnosis of memory loss. This may include additional and more careful supervision, providing activities to stimulate the mind, body and soul and of course companionship. Another added advantage of in-home Dementia Care Teaneck is that it provides respite for the home caregiver that usually provides these services.

It enables the spouse or loved one to get out of the home for a period of time with the comfort of knowing their loved one with memory loss is being tended to by professional caregivers. Whether they have medical appointments, shopping or just want to have lunch with friends, they are able to do so. TLC Companions Home Healthcare fully understands how important it is for the spouse to get away and take time for themselves. We can instill conversation, socialization and even provide a meal while you take a break.

If you would like more information regarding all of the services regarding Dementia Care Teaneck that are available through TLC Companions Home Healthcare, you may simply click on the attached link There, you will find a drop- down bar at the top of the page where you may click and see the plethora of services available right in the comfort of your own home.

Studies have shown that providing services in a familiar atmosphere helps the memory loss patient tremendously. Look, if your loved one is not ready to live in a nursing home, and you have the availability of assistance at home, why should they? TLC Companions Home Healthcare has been providing excellence in care, comfort and compassion for over 30 years.

All of our in-home caregivers are certified and licensed by the State of New Jersey. They have all undergone thorough background checks. We will help to find you a match in personality as well as care capabilities for Dementia Care Teaneck. Did you know we also have a “Care Management” program? This is specific to helping individuals apply for Medicaid programs. We will assist with the application, documentation, eligibility requirements and so on. We also participate in some long-term care programs as well.

For more general information, please call 201 444-5800 to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives. Tell them you are interested in our program for in-home Dementia Care Teaneck. We can have one of our licensed and Registered Nurses come to your home to do an assessment. This will enable us to establish the level of care that will be required.

Then the RN will create a plan of care in consultation with the Director of Nursing which is required by the State of New Jersey. Services may then begin. Dementia Care Teaneck may be covered by your long-term health insurance plan. For more regarding financial arrangements, please speak directly with the TLC Companions Home Healthcare representative. When it comes to providing excellence in home care, call TLC Companions Home Healthcare for the dignified care you deserve.

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