Nursing Care RidgewoodFor the best Nursing Care Ridgewood has to offer, look no further than TLC Companions for nursing and skilled nursing care. Our goal is to foster and provide unprecedented levels of genuine care and customer service for you! The TLC nursing care experience enlivens our clients’ physical and emotional strength through care and compassion. Our highly trained healthcare professionals’ passion is to get you back to your fullest potential! The staff here at TLC are the vital link; they are the core of excellence in care and compassion! We are committed to striving to fulfill all wishes and needs of our clients daily. Our patients are truly our most precious resource.

With TLC, you won’t have to look anywhere else for the best Nursing Care Ridgewood facility. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop for all levels of care. From diabetic care to skilled nursing, your needs are our speciality! We aim to provide a total, immersive assistance experience that renews and reinvigorates the body and soul. Our compassion enriches the health of our patients by delivering specialized therapies to help get your independence back! With progressive rehabilitation delivered daily by our expert rehabilitation professionals, every individual sees demonstrable results in a quick time-frame. Family members are always included in the process and are encouraged to monitor their progress.

Recovering from a trauma or surgery can be a long road without TLC Companions’ Nursing Care Ridgewood. When your loved one is finally discharged to go home from a rehab center, Our goal-based approach promotes physical functionality through enhancing the skills needed to return to your daily activities. Our staff’s care is comprehensive in nature and provides a safe environment that helps build your strength while at home. Building endurance, improving balance, and optimizing independence are our goals for you! Our philosophy is simple: comprehensive care is achieved through an interdisciplinary approach. Our team consists of the finest RNs, LPs, and CNAs that will address your physical, emotional, and personal needs. By taking a multifaceted approach to your care, we are confident that you will continue to live as independently as possible. That way, you have the all the confidence and skills to maintain that independence.

Choose us at TLC Companions, where we offer the best Nursing Care Ridgewood! We are able to cover all New Jersey territories! There are multiple office locations for all those retirees and snowbirds including New Jersey, Long Island, and Florida. Our main office is located in Bethpage, New York. Our New Jersey address is located at: 89 Chestnut Street, Ridgewood, NJ 07450. Our Florida office address is: 1805 Cypress Brook Drive Suite 103 Trinity, Florida. We also have an on-call service 24 hours per day and take phone calls every day of the week. For any other questions, please call our main office at (201) 444-5800 or simply email us at If you need any other information, visit our website at Because with TLC Companions, “everybody needs a little TLC”.

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