Skilled Nursing TeaneckWere you aware that TLC Companions Home Healthcare provides services such as Skilled Nursing Teaneck? We are one of the leading home healthcare providers in the industry offering numerous programs and care plans for our clients. We have been in the healthcare field for over 30 years which in of itself is a testament to our ability, services and affordability. We have locations to serve New Jersey with optimum assistance and Skilled Nursing Teaneck. Our licensed by the State of New Jersey Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nursing staff can provide services such as assessments, vital signs monitoring, wound care, dressing changes, blood sugar testing, blood draw, injections, tube, drain and bag maintenance, ventilator supervision/support, nebulizer treatments and IV therapies. If you or your loved one is being discharged from a hospital or rehabilitation facility and will require Skilled Nursing Teaneck, we can provide it in the comfort of your own home. Studies have shown that recovery is more comfortable for the patient when in their own home environment.

If you would like to learn more about TLC Companions Home Healthcare or about all of the services we offer, you may simply click on the attached link You may also call our offices directly at 201 444-5800 where one of our knowledgeable representatives can assist you with information, answering any questions you may have regarding care, insurance participation and availability. Skilled Nursing Teaneck can help bring medical care right to your door.

Why should your loved one have to continue their stay in a rehabilitation center if they can get the same or even better care at home? Sometimes, after a hip, knee or joint replacement patients choose to go to a rehabilitation center. After a week they decide they would like to return home but question how they will care for their wound, change dressings etc. We are here to advise that if your physician agrees with your discharge, we can take care of those skilled nursing tasks.

Call our office today at 201 444-5800 and schedule for an assessment appointment. This is where one of our skilled Registered Nurses will come to your home and evaluate your needs. This will enable them to establish a care plan in coordination with our Director of Nursing which is mandated by the State of New Jersey. You will find that our professional and dignified Skilled Nursing Teaneck will enable your loved one to return to the comforts of home.

We also offer services of assistance for the elderly in which we offer assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, incontinence care, light housekeeping and transportation to and from medical appointments based on need. Call today and schedule for one of our programs because everybody can use a little TLC ! Skilled Nursing Teaneck may be covered by your health insurance plan, long-term health insurance plan or Medicaid programs. When it comes to assistance services in the home, nobody does it better than TLC Companions Home Healthcare. So, call today.

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